In General How Do i Study The Bible?

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Recently a very good friend asked if i'd post about how i study the Bible. 
My initial reaction was "Not very well". But i thought i'd answer the question anyway.

I used to study slowly, working through books or topics of my choice, with commentaries, lexicons, Greek/Hebrew dictionaries etc. I listened sermons, read books and devoured what i could on any given subject. But often i jumped from one thing to another and there was no real flow to it.

One of the greatest impacts upon my growth as a Christian was the 'Firm Foundations' course provided by New Tribes Mission, a course that we followed at Bottear, this gave me better understanding of the redemptive plan and thread of the Bible.

Currently i'm studying the Bible with 2 approaches.
Moleskine1 - I'm doing an advanced certificate in Biblical Studies through the Ligonier Academy. This means reading a lot of thick but very reformed, solid books, moving from Genesis - Revelation in a depth that i haven't studied before.

2 - The other approach i take is very simple, but has perhaps been the most enjoyable and affecting means of opening my Bible. I simply began reading at Genesis 1:1 and jot down aspects of God's character, works and person as i continue reading.

As well as these approaches i have a key on the last page of 'Proverbs' in my Bible. And as i read, when i come to certain topics i draw a picture in the column beside it. This helps me locate things quickly and sift through for related topics. 

Further Advice.