Bible Study = Effort

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I recently started reading 'The Hermenuetical Spiral' by Grant R. Osborne. In his introduction he states something about Bible Study that i found very challenging:

"The big problem with Bible study today is that we think it should be easier than other things we do. We study recipes for quality meals, how-to books for all kinds of things - carpentry, plumbing, automobile maintenance and so on - and read vociferously for our hobbies. Why do we think th Bible is the only subject we should not have to study?! Let me challenge you - make the Bible your hobby. At one level I do not like the analogy; the Bible must be so much more than a hobby! But at another level, what if we spent as much time and money on Bible study as we do our hobbies? What if we took the same amount we spend on golf clubs and courses or on skiing equipment and skiing trips, and put it into Bible study? Yes, encyclopedias, commentaries and other reference material are expensive. But so is everything else we do. The question is about priorities: what is important enough for our time and money?
Grant R. Osborne (The Hermenuetical Spiral page 25)