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Tim Challies has an excellent post today on why he is not roman catholic.

I've mentioned before about container talk, where a few of us are filling a container and chat about theology, Jesus and life. It's great and today was epic.

In a lull in conversation it was spoken:

"Here's a question for you's, how's your sanctification? Are you getting victory over ssin?"

Now, I'm not asking you and i'm not sharing what was said, just simply stating that it is epic to have friends who will cut through all the rubbish and waffle and ask the important questions.

The next time you are having coffee with that close Christian friend - go ahead and ask how's their sanctification. And be ready, with truth, for them to ask how your's is.
The kids found one of my old cd's yesterday and on the way to church we stuck it on for a listen.
Their response was "what on earth" and mine was sort of to agree but then I listened the words.

One of the songs particularly has very challenging words to men:

Some books in the Bible are just hard to read, especially in the Old Testament. Here's John Piper's advice for feeding our souls in them.

"The Bible, with all of its many wonderful and strange parts, is designed by God, inspired by God, put together by God, not just for 21st century Western, middle class culture, but for thousands of cultures around the world, spread over thousands of years, with all of those centuries and all of those cultures being dramatically different. What a challenge for God to put together a book that works like that! If you were God, how would you create a book that would be useful in all the cultures and all the centuries of the world?"  [John Piper]

Full article & audio HERE

When I asked Simon Wade these, I wasn't expecting such a straight forward reading plan. I was expecting some sort of Christian voodooish type secret to devotions. I honestly, personally know no one who has grown as close to the Lord and is living out what they are reading in the Bible as much as this guy. You'll not find him online, but if you know him you'll agree he is salt and light, a fragrance of Christ wherever he goes.

Samuel Balmer is the Chairman & International Secretary at Bible Educational Services.
Revival Movement have printed a lot of BES literature in the past few years and both the quality of the material and the drive behind it have been superb.
So in asking people how they do devotions I thought it would be great to ask Sam about his.
Thank you Samuel for taking time to answer these.