Hi, i'm Gary; a husband, a dad, a Christian worker, & a Christian blogger from Lisburn Northern Ireland. In short i'm the guy who's scribbles into this blog.

Homileo: to 'converse with' or 'be in company with'
Shortly after Jesus saved me i started to journal. This has become an ongoing practice including thoughts, scripture, happenings, notes, quotes and prayers. While i continue to keep a 'paper & ink' journal my intention is that this blog may be an extension of that . . .

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About me
 I've worked 16 years in Revival Movement Association, an evangelical mission that prints and ships Christian literature throughout the World. I worship Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.
I'm married to the beautiful Barbara and we have 3 kids; Jacob, Faith, Zachariah & another due any day now.

Before everything i'm a follower of Jesus and while i stumble in my walk He is the great shepherd and saviour of my life . . .

 I understand that we can get quite heated in debates but I do ask that commenting does not become harsh or rude. I reserve the right to delete comments or to publish them in posts, although these comments remain yours.
Just because a comment is on my blog does not mean that I in any way endorse it or any links it may lead to.
I also ask that you comment under a name rather than anonymously.