Reformation Day???

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I've been having a couple of thoughts on how to celebrate it:

1. Trick or Treat approach

Imagine people sitting in their house tonight when suddenly a knock comes to their door 'thud thud thud', nothing strange there - it is Halloween. So they answer the door with sweets in hand to find me dressed as Luther with hammer in hand nailing a print out of 95 theses to their door...

2. Party Approach
Hold a Reformation party where everyone comes dressed as someone from church history & has prepared a 3 minute testimony of the person they are, bringing out some main themes & events of their life. Great for quickly learning about guys & girls from Church history. (It may be possible to print up the testimonies too, in a booklet form).

What ideas would you have for enjoying Reformation day?


Anonymous said...

We're having a movie night at church this evening where we're watching the old Luther film, and then having hot dogs etc. Not very original but better than ignoring trick or treaters at home!

Fusion! said...

A few of us already had a bit of a reformation Day Costume PArty. If you're on facebook you can look me up. But I'll have pics on my blog. I might add, a few of us have started a new network of young reformed people. It's open to anyone and we'll be discussing some of this there. You can visit at

Anonymous said...


We have celebrated Reformation Day once before with a party. You can see photos and game ideas here:

We are pretty non-traditional, choosing not-so-typical-Reformers as our focus for parties -- William Tyndale last time and John Bunyan/Pilgrim's Progress this time.

I started making a squidoo page for Reformation Day party ideas but lamely didn't finish it! I won't get back to it until after our party this year. I hope to put up lots of links there to other Reformation Day ideas.

Happy Reformation Day!


Boaly said...

Reformed i trust you enjoy the film, I'd love to see a holywood quality version (that's accurate) done - be class.

Fusion, the party idea certianly seems great, I might try & organize one for next year.

Stayathome, William Tyndale is currently my favourite guy from church history - class idea to use not soo typical guys. Trust you's enjoy your Bunyan/Pilgrims progress theme tonight!

S.L.P said...

I see no need to ignore the trick or treaters...We spent the last two years (prior to moving to the country) passing out tracts from the front yard. No candy just tracts. It's a great opportunity for sharing!

Boaly said...

Yeh SLP, it certainly is a good opportunity for sharing. I was out tonight so i wasn't here to answer the door. I think its a good way to get to know nieghbours too, as they bring their kids round - missed out on that.

I know a friend who spends time guessing who every kid that calls to his door is dressed as, gives them a gospel tract, pencils with scripture on them, gospel colouring books & some sweets. He's a brilliant relationship with the kids & parents in his estate now & is reaching a point where he's considering holding children's meetings once a week for the kids. Though its not the main cause of this relationship its a contribution to it.