ESV Online

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The new ESV online site is . . . well, online! And i have to tell you it is absolutely great.
I have been using it the past few weeks in its 'beta' version and love it!

My wife asked me to stop talking about it, and, says that she gets the point that i like it!

The user has many options to satisfy personal preference - do you want the Words of Christ in red? You can have that . . . or not if you don't.
Owners of the ESVSB can have the Study Bible notes and resources at their fingertips by putting in their product code, this i have to say was a brilliant move and adds to both the ESVSB online and the ESV online.

My favourite aspect of the ESV Online is while typing notes, if you type a reference (eg Hab 3:17-18) it automatically links to that passage; most excellent!

From highlighting in various colours to underlining, double underlining, setting bookmarks, typing in personal notes and choosing from a selection of devotional Bible reading plans, this has to be one of the best online Bible study tools i've seen.