Symbolizing Proverbs

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In his message 'Proverbs: Fear' Mark Driscoll gave some very practical advice for when we read Proverbs. One piece of advice that i thought was particularly good was to make a key of symbols & mark them in the column beside the verses that relate to it as you read through the book. This is a great way to find verses relating to various topics in the future.

I decided to begin this after the message was finished, beginning to read at ch1 vs1 & decided upon symbols as i hit topics.
For example:
♥ means something to do with the heart.
♂♀ means something to do with sex, lust, adultery etc.
£ means something to do with finances or work.
And so on & so on...

I thought i'd just pass this advice onward as i think it may be highly useful.


Gemma Roche said...

vaguely similar to the way precepts recommends you study...have you ever done precepts? if so what you think of it?

Boaly said...

Yeh, we were kindly given Ruth, its a pretty good way, i'd say it helps to get to know what's going on & the main themes etc of a certain book.

How're you finding it