Recommending Study Bibles

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Study Bibles are of huge help in understanding the Bible. They help us with background knowledge, context, historical and archaeological notes etc which all build to grant us a better understanding of the authors original intent.

My first Study Bible was a NKJV Macarthur Study Bible
(now available in ESV) which i used for many years before the *ESVSB landed in the reformed, evangelical world. Recently i've been enjoying the Reformation Study Bible which  is also very very helpful.

Probably my choice amongst these is the ESVSB, & not just because its size gives it multi purposes (eg step stool for Jake).

Which SB do you use?

*Study notes are not inspired and so, whilst being a great help they must also assessed by the whole of Scripture.
Discernment is required when reading anything, and the same applies to even the best of Study Bibles.

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Andrew said...

I've really benefitted from the NIV Study Bible in my walk with God. I enjoy its balance, and the fact that while it is Conservative Evangelical in outlook it also gives other views and ways of looking at Scripture passages.

I got an ESVSB last month (after much resistance) and find it excellent, although the sheer heft of the volume means that I find it hard to just sit with in my hand and read. For me the best part of it so far has been the series of book introductions - they are academically confident as well as evangelically sound. I find the study notes tied to the Bible passages a little bit sparse at times though.

Study Bibles are great, and while I know there are dangers with them in accepting one person or camp's opinion on an issue they do provide such help.

On a lighthearted note I once had a friend speak to me about a prominent Study Bible from the past (which I used to agree with, but don't now), and he described its treatment of the first five books of the Old Testament as 'the Pentateuch by Scofield with notes by Moses'!! :)

Boaly said...

haha, unfortunately that can be the way some people approach it. I'd a guy try to show me the 'scripture' for the prolific clock. All he kept reading were the study notes and saying "see, the Bible teaches it" - he didn't seem to grasp it when i tried exclaiming that the notes weren't equal to the inspired Word of God.

You ended up with the ESVSB then. It is great, but as you say, a little on the large side.

aragamuffinsreflections said...

Gary, I, too, use and LOVE the ESV study bible. I would recommend it to anyone. I must agree that the sheer size of it is a negative, but I have no problem carrying around "the brick", as my wife refers to it.

I also use the Hebrew/Greek Key Word Study Bible in NASB and have for 10 years or so now. I find it very helpful in seeing how the same word was used in similar and (sometimes) different ways in different parts of the bible. Using Strong's word # system, it is very easy to look up words in Strong's Concordance (or in an abbreviated version in the back) in the Hebrew/Greek dictionary for a further explanation of the individual word.

My first study bible was a Scofield in NKJV. As the commenter referenced above, all SB notes should be taken as a person's perspective and NOT as absolute truth. I have been helped greatly by Scofield and the study bible, though I won't recommend all the notes as absolute truth. We have the Holy Spirit to lead us to truth.