Kid's Devotions - What Material To Use?

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One of the re-occurring conversations i have with other parents is in regards to teaching our kids about Jesus. I have struggled so much with this, often starting something, then missing a couple of nights, going back to it and so on and so on. This week i'm posting a series of thoughts about this issue.

What Material To Do?
I remember a few years ago sitting across the table from Thabiti Anyabwile and in his servant manner he asked how he could speak into my life. My question was how to teach my kids. His response was simple but genius. He told me that the 'what to do' is the easy bit - God has provided His Word for just that. It's the doing it that is the real problem.

You know what, he was right. If we can't find the right devotional book or workbook to lead our kids through we still have the Bible! The main book that all others only point to. It really is that simple when it comes to what to do.

It's consistently doing it that is the main problem, for me, and i'm guessing for you!
That's what i'll post on tomorrow . . .