Kid's Devotions - Just Do It.

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Just Do it!
Often this is the way in Christian walking - forget the stressing over what to do, pick up the Bible and just do it.

In our culture we have ridiculous amounts of resources, i mean we can search on youtube and watch cartoon clips of the Jesus Story Book Bible, these are great by the way and are very helpful (I'll post about a few resources i've found useful tomorrow)

My kids give off now and generally shout from their beds if i don't at least tell them something from Scripture and pray with them.
After a while it becomes part of the daily routine, but the effort has to be put in. Of course there are nights i tell them a simple, quick parable - but they are getting something. And yes, there are nights we skip and just pray when they are late to bed.

I'm human and fail often in leading my family/children! But as a general rule my kids read and pray every night - a good habit.

Intentionally setting time aside is hard, and sometimes all we want as parents is to get the kids in bed and get our feet up, but let's remember their souls are at stake . . .