Kid's Devotions - Resources

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As mentioned a couple of days ago, this isn't the area to get stressed or caught up in. It's about doing devotions, even if that's just a simple Bible reading with a little explaination and Q&A afterwards. But it does help to have resources to structure around.

We've went through the Big Picture Story Bible and The Jesus Story Book Bible more times that i can count.
We've used The Lamb (which was given by a dear brother to Jacob when he was 1 day old), and we've used many of the CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) flashcards etc that we print in EHC.
Lately we've opted for plain old Bible reading with a little explanation.

I've a list of books i think would be helpful and a load of books about doing devotions with children but sometimes just opening the Bible is enough and carries a weighty lesson in itself.

I remember an old CEF worker saying to me 'never teach children unless the Bible is open in your hand' - and I guess that is very true - not just for the 5 day club, but for the home!

Tomorrow i'll post about correcting resources we use