Bible Stories for kids Need explaination . . . and directed toward Jesus

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I've posted about family and kid's devotions before, also looking at great resources etc. But one issue I was praying about today and thought i'd blog about is that we as parents don't just read the story and stop.

It can be easy at the end of the day before bed when you are itching to get them asleep / or at the end of dinner when the kids are itching to get away and play to simply read them a story.

For example, take Numbers 21vs4-9 where we learn about the plague of firey serpents and the bronze serpent made for healing. We could stop where the story stops.
Or in a children's Bible we could easily finish off at the end of the story for that evening, but we miss an opportunity to help them see a little bit further if we do.

For me (yes there are nights when it's rushed through/even nights where we don't do it at all - and that's ok, it's life) but the normal practice over the past (almost) 9 years when reading the Bible to my kids is to try and take time to try and show Jesus through the text. Often i try an poke their minds and ask questions to lead them to see Jesus through the text for themselves.

The Bible is not just a book, it is personal from God to our children and we need to help them from an early age read it so that they may see Jesus through its pages and know Him as wonderful and magnificent creator God, and; as Solomon so rightly instructs to fear Him in a proper and holy way.

We need to help them not just to know the book, but to know how to gaze through the lens of Scripture to see Christ in His glory and splendour.