A Peculiar Glory

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I haven't been excited about a book in such a long time, then Piper brings out A Peculiar Glory.

How do we know the 66 books of the Bible are the innerrant word of God? How do we know that in its current form we can trust that it carries the same intent as when first penned?

More importantly how can we see Jesus through it?

Over the years I have really landed that our view of Scripture and how we approach the Word is foundational to our walk and growth in Christ. I believe we are changed when we see and know Him better, and that the best, most clear place for knowing Him and seeing Him is in His Word to us.

Our view of the inerrancy od Scripture and it's trustworthiness and it's purpose to reveal Christ and give us proper understanding of life in Him determines how we listen to sermons, read the Bible, relate to God and love our neighbours. If we hold a low view of Scripture or a compromised view, then we falter.

So A Peculiar Glory is a book that is raising a song within my own soul as I read through it, and giving a fresh longing and desire to see Christ with every turn of the Biblical page and every movement of my eyes from one line of Biblical text to another.

Here's Piper talking and explaining why he wrote this book