How Do You Do Devotions: Samuel Balmer

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Samuel Balmer is the Chairman & International Secretary at Bible Educational Services.
Revival Movement have printed a lot of BES literature in the past few years and both the quality of the material and the drive behind it have been superb.
So in asking people how they do devotions I thought it would be great to ask Sam about his.
Thank you Samuel for taking time to answer these.

What resources or pattern do you follow for your daily devotions?
1) resource - our daily bread app in the evenings with my wife
2) word for today at any time during the day
3) reading through various books usually in the morning

I use the ODB and word for today apps Esv bible / highlighter & pen

Can you share an example of how this has led to an experience of Christ?
When traveling like last week I have opportunity to share meaningfully out of what I received from the Lord by his word. This leads to sharing with each other (from various backgrounds and cultures) and deepens our appreciation of Christ at work in each other's lives

Why bother reading the Bible and spending time studying it?
It's cleanses, refreshes, rebukes, corrects, essential part of the christian life

NB - for a while I was doing a yearly plan and ended up reading to tick a box. Not enjoying. A QT NEEDS TO BE DONE OUT OF LOVE NOT AS A CHORE OR FEELING OF GUILT

How Do You Do Devotions?
I'd love to hear from YOU as to how you do devotions. So feel free to answer the same 3 questions in the comments and I'll post them in coming weeks.