How Do You Do Devotions: Simon Hodge

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I first connected with Simon Hodge online through photography and we quickly became friends, discovering a shared faith in Christ boulstered that. In recent years I've seen Simon take a huge leap in his Christian life and in experiencing & knowing Christ. You'll find that he's very honest in answering the questions about his devotional life.

What resources or pattern do you follow for your morning devotions? 

I’m still trying to find one. I am going to be very honest and say I fail pretty impressively with this. I try to do at least a short reading in the morning before I jump out of bed. I start with my daily email from Solid Joys (Desiring God). I then will try and read or listen to UCB’s Word for Today (Can’t beat hearing Bob Gass’s weird accent) and then will also try to read Billy Graham’s daily devotional. Unfortunately that is often where it stops. My wife and I have one of our Life Groups in our house and in preparing for that each week I do spend more time in study but still nowhere near as much as I should or want to. I have recently started to keep a poor attempt at a journal for thoughts and verses. It has also started to become a prayer journal. For this I use Evernote as it’s a free app and I have it on my laptop and phone and they sync together. Very easy to add and change things without making a mess. 

Can you share an example of how this has led to an experience of Christ? 
I get very blunt with God when I am looking guidance and over the past year have had the pleasure of hearing His voice very clearly through my devotional time. My wife and I are hoping to move house and God has been very clear to us about that. Often we can find ourselves taking a reading and making it fit our situation but what I have received recently from God could not have been clearer. 

Why bother reading the Bible and spending time studying it? 
Why not? Is it actually going to do you any harm? You might actually learn something. Most people, no matter how devoted a Christian they are, will probably not hear an audible voice from God, that’s why we have the bible. If you seriously want to get to know God better then you have to hang out with Him.

Thank you Simon for taking the time to tell us about your devotions.