How Do You Do Devotions: Simon Wade

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When I asked Simon Wade these, I wasn't expecting such a straight forward reading plan. I was expecting some sort of Christian voodooish type secret to devotions. I honestly, personally know no one who has grown as close to the Lord and is living out what they are reading in the Bible as much as this guy. You'll not find him online, but if you know him you'll agree he is salt and light, a fragrance of Christ wherever he goes.

So with that introduction you'd expect a secret formula in his devotions:

Talk us through your daily devotions (Bible reading, meditation, prayer) and the method/pattern/resources you use?
I like to read the New Testament in the morning (as soon as I awake). The New Testament at night and the Old Testament at other times as often as I can fit it in through the day.

Why bother reading the Bible and spending time studying it?
I need constant reminding in my head that first and foremost I'm a Christian, that's why first thing and last thing in the day I read the Bible, and I feel the New Testament constantly reminds me of this.

Can you share an example of how this has led to an experience of Christ? 
In reading first thing and last thing, the first and last thoughts of the day are of Christ, so as soon as I wake I'm reminded of the role/duty/calling/behaviour that I have to do as soon as I get up. Last thing reminds me why I have behaved as I do.