Refugees Vs Christians

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I've been shocked by many 'Christian's' attitudes towards the refugee crisis. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one to just open up my home and welcome strangers in but I do think we, and our country should help. I do think registration and certain parameters should be in place, as well as an overall statement that they are coming into UK/Irish culture and while they are free to practice their religion (we do still have religious freedom right?), they should seek to respect the cuture(s) around them.

Only Christian Refugees Welcome
Anyway, I'm not posting to give ideas, politically or humanitarian. I heard on Nolan last night a UKIP guy saying only Christian refugees should be allowed in to the country. Then a few Christian friends stated their agreement with this.

Here's a response that is rattling in my head.

Be a Good Samaritan
With the parable of the good samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) Jesus respond to the question "Who is my nieghbour?" and at the end ask who proved to be a good nieghbour and state:
"The one who showed mercy . . . You go, and do likewise."
Not only did Jesus tell us such good humanitarian parables such as this, let's remember that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Let it sink in, we were enemies of God - when Jesus came we crucified Him, rather than bow down before Him. Yet He gave His life as a ransom so that whoever believes on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

He made a way for sinful enemies, to be redeemed and welcome in His kingdom, and does not want anyone to perish. At the risk of sounding as though i've lost my Calvinistic inclinations - Salvation . . . Heaven; is open to anyone who will repent and believe.

He does not exclude
I'm glad Jesus didn't decide salvation is only for the Jews, His chosen group on earth. But makes gentiles welcome as well - or we'd be up a creek without a paddle headed for a very hot place.
But no, He offers salvation to all, Jews and Gentiles alike. He shows mercy!

Lets coin the last statement from the section on the good samaritan
Go and show mercy.

While Islam is causing people to flee from their countries, let Christianity show the love of Christ.
Lets not be the religious, self-righteous, bigots the world sees us as...