The Best Day of My Life (Title given by Tim Millen)

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We were talking about something today that triggered a funny memory, so here it is:

Build up . . . or Setting the Scene
When i was about 17, before i was saved i taught Sunday school at the Church i'd grown up in. My mum was Sunday school superintendent (whatever that means) and was having a meeting in our house. Not only were the normal teachers there but a lot of the Church leaders including the Rev, Dr's etc were in attendance.

The Event
With so many there, seats were scarce and myself & Tim Millen were on the floor leaning against the door. It was a cheap door, one that's pretty fake and has nothing but air inside, but it held our weight comfortably. Anyway, there was some discussion or other going on about something (remember i wasn't a Christian at the time, so found it pretty boring) when, and this was without the normal warning one gets, a huge fart erupted from my bum and with such a cheapo door at its disposal vibrated like a lambeg drum.

Discussion stopped, everyone looked and I said . . .

"Ooops, pardon me"

Then, all heads, without any words being spoken, turned back and discussion renewed as though it couldn't have possibly happened - think father Ted kicking bishop Brennan up the @&$£.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I can barely think about it without laughing.
At the time I wasn't laughing, and my mum's face said if i'd been a few years younger she'd have been breaking a branch of the hedge out the back (it was allowed in those days).

Tim spent the rest of the meeting biting his cheeks trying not to laugh, while I spent it squeezing different cheeks trying to make sure there was no repeat performance.