Weekend: 10/01/2014

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Another weekend, wow the weeks are flying.

Sunday was the first day of The Journey Church Lisburn meeting on a Sunday in Lisburn Liesureplex.
A lot of people came to the service, so encouraging and Gary's message was hugely encouraging.

Shoot For The Moon went public - I'm teaming up with Simon Hodge to push our photography.
So a weekend of excitement as movement shifts its way and points to the year ahead - i hope!

I watched the movie 'the secret life of Walter Mitty' which i strangely enjoyed, perhaps thats the photography aspect of it and if you've seen it; the bit where Walter finds the guy he's searching for up the mountain is epic. He stares down his camera lens at this beautiful creature, but instead of clicking the shutter chooses to enjoy the moment.

Lets take a moment this week to just enjoy. Rather than ruining it with instagram or twitter or facebook updates, rather than let worries of work or stresses of life inflict their painful fangs, shrug them off and find that . . . well i guess as Peter Pan would call it . . . find that happy thought. Enjoy it and don't worry about sharing it, recording it or anything else, just be in the moment and live.