Weekend Rest - Random Ramblings

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We long for them throughout Monday to Friday, the weekend comes, it passes us by all to quickly and then it's Monday again.
We long for their rest, their fun, their relaxation, leisure, etc etc

We long for them because we long for rest. We long for that day when every tear will be wiped away and our hard labour is ended - that day when Christ sets up His perfect Kingdom.

The weekend is a flawed pointer to this.
The weekend ends and we return to work, and probably for many the hopes of the weekend were left unrealized. Monday morning has come again and Saturday and Sunday seem to have passed in a blink without us enjoying them to the full . . . or at least what we had imagined in our heads from Mon-Fri as to how they should be.

Perfect Rest
Unlike the short weekend that fails to fully deliver, Jesus will return and we will enter His perfect rest. All of our hopes and aspirations will probably be blown away as our feeble imaginations fail to even conjure up anything remotely close to what The Kingdom of Christ will be like.

It'll do for now
But as a guy who loves the weekend I guess it'll have to do for now, enjoy what we can of this flawed rest that ends all too quick as we return to our places of work and the week begins again.
Roll on next weekend