Sitting up way too late

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I tend to sit up way too late at night. I've always been a night person but as I get older it seems to be taking its toll.

Anyone else out there find they spend too many hours awake before midnight and struggle to rise the next day. With this in mind I think i'll set myself a target of a few early (before 10:30pm) nights.

Excuse this post as it is boring, of no relevance and shows my age. Instead think upon the one who does not sleep or slumber, who gives life and breath and all things - the one in whom we live and move and have our being. He's more interesting than my aging and ramblings . . .


Gary Cousins said...

I know that i need 7 hours sleep or I will be unbalanced the next day. so to get up at 6am I have to be sleeping by 11pm. That means heading for bed around 10pm and reading to my wife.