Weekend: 04/01/2014

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One of those strangely good weekends where you don't do much but its nice.

Done some work with my dad late Friday on Barbara's car. As usual with cars they are a blessed curse - we couldn't be without them but they empty our wallets at any given chance.
The kids and i spent a good bit of Saturday with my dad as he invited us for a fry up and then the kids tagged along as dad and i went to fall some trees and log them.

The night time routine seems to be now that if it's dry i take the kids up to the top of our hill at the cul de sac where they have races on their gokarts - Jake gracefully lets Faith win a lot and whispers to me that he knows he's faster so he can make her happy in losing to her. Very nice of him!

Next Sunday sees the start of The Journey Church Lisburn in Lisburn Liesureplex so as a family we're pretty excited . . .