May Your Kingdom Come

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Sometimes (like this morning) the news headlines and articles on facebook etc just make you feel like curling up in a corner and chanting "may your kingdom come, may your kingdom come . . ." over and over until entering it.

And it causes you to fear for your children, even this morning I was considering getting some sort of gps chip implanted in my kids just in case i need to do a Liam Neeson act. Then i wondered if that would be too close to the mark of the beast . . .

Instead of all this, i got up, prayed hard over my kids individually hugging them as i did so, sought the King for them as i drove to work and trust that He's in control. What can i do today to help society - well there are many things we can all do, primarily seek Jesus and seek to win others to Him.

Oh that we would see His Kingdom Come so that every tear may be taken away and there be no more sin . . .

Until then i guess we groan over the news.