Weekend: 30th Nov 2013

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This weekend I had the opportunity to second shoot for a local photographers at a wedding. JLS were there . . . well they were staying in the hotel but declined to join in the bridal party photographs.

It is always refreshing to work alongside other Christians and see their faith on display as they tread their field. I've been fortunate to build a friendship with Simon Hodge, another photographer who loves Jesus very much and now to have worked with Colin, who's faith is equally on display throughout the day.

It was also interesting to catch a breath during the wedding to meet and chat with Desi Maxwell. Desi's quite well known in N. Ireland Christian circles and while i've heard him speaking before, to meet the man and see his passion for teaching the Bible along with a very real and personable side was very refreshing - even as much as the coffee i was drinking at the time.

Then today a very long time friend of mine buried his mum. He led the service, gave tribute to his mum and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all those there. I do not know how he held it together.
 i'm praying for him and his family as they tread in a shadowy valley.