The Beauty & The New Facet of Frozen Beauty

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Frozen Waves
Waves are magnificent! Who doesn't like sitting at the beach watching the ocean, or wading in and wave jumping, or going bodyboarding or surfing etc . . . Their unceasing movement and power is amazing to watch. But what if you could freeze them and inspect them closely?

Pierre Carreau
 photographed waves at high speeds, creating sculpturesque photographs that are just amazing.
To be able to see these powerful aspects of nature frozen in the moment, each one very different than the next and splendid is definitely
 worth taking a few minutes to look at.

Sometimes there's a new facet of beauty when movement ceases and we can take our time gazing at something that normally would just wash over us.

Freezing the Bible?
Perhaps it may be an idea to do this with our Bible reading today?
 Instead of having a chapter or two wash over us (which is great), it may be nice for a change to stop on one verse or passage and spend time looking at it and thinking about it, letting it fill our thoughts for the day. To stare at it and the unique Christ saturated implications it has for us or the splendid view of our Saviour that it displays may just be as powerful as that hour long sermon mp3 . . .

Picture & info about the waves via fstoppers