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I think i'm pretty good at my day job. I'm fairly confident at setting the folding machines up for various jobs & sizes. But yesterday i was asked to take a look at something on one of the folders i worked for a short stint about 10 years ago and i ended up holding my hands up and saying i couldn't remember.

Aren't we like that; forgetful?
I mean how much of that book that we read last year do we remember? Or how much of our schooling do we remember? Simple - we forget, and we forget a lot! And this is a good reminder to me that when it comes to everything; even scripture (maybe especially scripture) if i'm not around it, using it etc i will forget . . .

This is why, with our kids we have a question we ask every so often, when it is relevant:
"When we reach the end of the Bible, what do we do?" 
Answer: "We start at the beginning again!"
Lets keep ourselves under the influence of Jesus through His Word.