We Like The Idea of God But Our Hearts Are Often Far From Him

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Liking The Idea Of Friends.
My daughter Faith loves the idea of playing with her cousin Katie. In fact both of them get excited about seeing each other and their immediate response is to wrap their arms around each other and hug with giggles. . .

. . . But then they go to war!

While they like the idea of being friends the heavy burden of what that actually means drives them to fight - and i mean proper fight; with punches and pushes etc. Once they realize the cost of sharing their Nanny & Granda, and realize that the other is playing with 'their' toys or has a 'toy' that they would like, or is pretty much breathing the same air they begin the fight.
This is realized in the hug they give one another when play times over and they go their separate ways.

We Like The Idea Of God.
I'm afraid that i'm/we're so often like these two little girls when it comes to God. I/we love the idea of Him, of knowing Him and of being with Him. But the cost of what it actually means to live for & walk with Christ can seem to cause me/us to respond like Jonah who ran as fast and as far as he could from God's call.
Sometimes if we're honest our minds like the idea of God, but our hearts are far from Him.

The Christian life is one of continual repentance and i guess our hope when we fall into this mode is to repent and ask that He would help us. That we would savor Him and that even if we are struggling, He would help us to remain faithful, to continue studying Scripture and bending our knee to Him.

Lets not be among those who call Him Lord, yet do not obey; who cry out Lord, Lord only to receive a response of "depart from Me, I never knew you".