Using Pain: Sermons & Website

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I woke Saturday pretty much crippled with pain in my upper back - shoulder blade and down my arm (muscle damage - apparently i'm getting old and my Captain America, incredible Hulk strength is waning a bit to be more like Arny or Sly in their hayday).
Rather than risk making it worse or creating a long term back problem my wife persuaded me to take a couple of days off work to let it ease; hence i find myself doped on diazipan (if that's how you spell it), ibrufen (again about the spelling) and kapak (same spelling issue). Along with a hot water bottle strapped to me.

But it's gave me time to listen a sermon which i recommend:

Also got to finally suss out a way to integrate private galleries to my website where people can purchase digital downloads from their event. Awesome i know!

So if you are in N. Ireland, Ireland or the UK or more specifically Lisburn, Hillsborough, Belfast, Dublin etc and you need a photographer for wedding photography, photo booths, children's portraits etc check out 

This following month will be the busiest of my photographic career so far with a number of photo booths coming up and a wedding as well as many 30 minute portrait sessions - which have become very popular and are great for children.