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‎"The only issue where the secular humanists of our day do not want the evidence of science to bear weight on the issue is the issue of abortion - at 8weeks in the womb it is scientific fact that a baby has brainwaves, a heartbeat, functioning liver, functioning kidney, a fingure print & recoils from a prick.
And yet the argument is that that's not a human life . . . ‎

The argument (for abortion) is that it's the woman's body and a woman should have the right to do with her body anything that she wants. That's completely untrue in the rest of our laws.
You don't believe me take off your clothes and run through the street. You know where you're going? Jail. Try to sell your body for sex. Uh, try do that, you get busted, you know where you're going? Jail along with the guy who tried to buy it.

 This idea that self atonomy rules and reigns is not true in any other domain except this one, and on top of that the laws are so backward. If a man were to assault a pregnant woman and the baby died he would be tried for manslaughter. Yet the same woman can go to a clinic and for a small price, maybe even government funded, can have the baby inside her killed."

 (Matt Chandler)