70 Lessons In Preaching & Teaching Christ by George Goodman - Revival Publications

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When i think of Revival Publishing (a branch of Revival Movement Association) i think of this title. I first mentioned it on the blog in 2008, and it is just finished it's second print run.
I know the title gives the impression this is a book for leaders & preachers, but it ought to have a far wider readership base than that.

Goodman originally wanted to title it:
"Setting Forth The LORD Jesus Christ in the Beauty and Dignity of His Person, Offices, Work And Teaching"
This is a far better title and description of the book. It is solely and unashamedly about Jesus. We generally talk a lot about the teachings and commandments from the Bible, about what work we're involved with or steps to spiritual maturity. But rarely do you hear a conversation dwell solely and delightfully upon Jesus Christ. And it is for that reason i believe this book to be one of, if not 'the' most important republishing work we have done. 

I was excited to load thousands of copies onto a container for Nigeria last week and pray that many more people there increase in their love & knowledge of Jesus as a result.