Rediscovering Old Books

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Have you ever come across an old book that you never knew existed, had never heard anyone mention etc... Yet one that blessed your soul upon reading it?

Last week I came across '70 Lessons in Teaching & Preaching Christ' by George Goodman. As far as I'm aware this book has not been published since 1944, and I had never heard anyone ever mention it.

If I had to pick up on something negative, I'd pick the Title, which I think is rather unfitting for this book. A title that gives the impression that this is a sort of manual for preachers, and so I believe would cause many to pass it by.

On the contrary, this book is solely & purely about Christ, and bears a better description in its subtitle inside:
"Setting Forth The LORD Jesus Christ in the Beauty and Dignity of His Person, Offices, Work And Teaching".

As I've read this book I've felt that it's helped not only to know about Christ more, but to actually know Him in deeper, more intimate relationship.

What about you?
Have you ever came across an old Gem that you had never heard of, yet has blessed your soul immensely?