Preaching Christ - George Goodman

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"There is a great deal of preaching, excellent in its way, that cannot be said to be preaching Christ. It is about Him, but it fails in this, that it does not preach Him...

...This is what preaching Christ really means. It is not only teaching about Him but the presentation of Him before the hearers as One actually present and ready to receive and bless them.

The result of such preaching will be that the hearers will not only know about Him, which is excellent, but will come to know Him, which is far, far better.

We preach Christ, then,
i - When we represent Him as a Living Person as distinct from an historical character.

ii - When we remind the hearers that He is present in the gathering.

iii - When we represent ourselves as His ambassadors bringing a message from Him.

iv - When we press His claim upon the hearers.

v - When we tell of the finished work of Christ and testify that His Blood cleanseth from all sin.

vi - When we preach Christ as a Present Deliverer from the power of sin.

vii - When we warn sinners that to reject Him is to perish."

George Goodman [70 Lessons in Teaching & Preaching Christ]