Around the Blogosphere - 11-04-08

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On Pulpit Magazine John MacArthur has a list of ways parents provoke their children. [HT:Tim Challies]

Scott Thomas posts on VoxPop reasons for fasting. (This is primaraly for Mars Hill Church members, but the reasons given are for us all).

The Desiring God blog offers 10 ways to Help Kids Love Missions.

Ten Questions Every Leader should ask are posted on Swerve along with Ten Questions on Family. [HT:Reformissionary]

(OK this isn't a blog) The Christian Institute talks of their action against Google concerning Google's policy not to allow adverts for websites which contain "abortion and religious-related content". [HT:Stephen Walker]

The audio of the question and answers session with John Piper and Matt Chandler is now up on Resurgence.


Bolty said...

Thanks brother for the good articles.

Boaly said...

Thanks for the Encouragement Bro'.
You know how much I love blogging so when I say its my pleasure - it really is!