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"That the name of Jesus is the widest known, the best loved, indeed the outstanding name in the world, not even the bitterest opponent can deny. Its praises are sung without ceasing day and night. From every quarter of the globe ascend songs of gladness from the lips of those whose lives have been lightened with the knowledge of that Name.

It is in every fact the "Name that is above every name." The press never stops printing books and tracts of which He is the theme; poets sing His praise in sacred poetry and in solemn hymns; artists find inspiration in the incidents of His life and death for their greatest masterpieces; daily tens of thousands of teachers and preacher go forth, often asking no reward, to proclaim His name and speak of His dying love. Martyrs triumphed in the flames or endured patiently in dungeons, and unnumbered hosts have suffered the loss of all things for love of His Name, desiring only the priviledge ofspending and being spent for His sake.

There is no sphere of human life or activity in which His Name is not the one of greatest influence and power for righteousness and goodness...

...He is the outstanding Figure in History; the Greatest Person in the World of Men; He is, to use His own words, which express better than any others His exalted claim,
"The Light of the World.""

George Goodman [70 lessons in Teaching & Preaching Christ]


Timotheus said...

More! More! MORE!
That was brilliant!
Such a Christ exalting article. It really thrilled my soul to read about the Name of Jesus being lifted up.