Giving Your Kid An Uncharacteristic 'unadult' Yes

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Yesterday afternoon we asked Jacob what he would like to do. His answer was that he'd like to go to the place a castle used to be (Dromore mound), climb to the top and have a sword fight.
Don't get me wrong here, i sword fight with him in the house and in the garden, but to venture into a public area isn't really an 'adult' thing to do.
So we went and had fun, sometimes he went too close to the edge, and i was chasing after Faith a lot (Babs took some pics - i will add one later).
I can't tell you how much Jacob enjoyed it!

Another friend shared with me a while back about how he and his son were leaving the swimming pool (after getting dried & dressed) when his son said he'd love to go to the diving pool. So his dad turned around (again, not very 'adult' of him) and they went back, got their wet swimmers on and entered the diving pool.

Kids sort of know when their parents are going to say no.
They still ask with an inkling of hope, yet with the knowledge that adults are very different when it comes to doing certain things. And this hope, as small as it may be must get an uncharacteristic yes, if only every now-and-again. It feeds their joy and fun and nurtures the bond between them and their parent. It also teaches that even the smallest hope can turn into something exceedingly joyful (there's a lesson about prayer there somewhere).
And it is good for the parent's soul. It breaks us from our 'adult' 'reserved' and 'mature' ways and reminds us to lose ourselves in fun.