Thank You David Crowder

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I have enjoyed the David Crowder band since i first heard them but haven't really been listening much recently. Last week Gary Bolton asked me the name of one of the songs and then again last night shared how he has been being blessed by some of the words in Crowder's songs.

So when i got home i typed 'David Crowder' into Youtube and ended up having one of the best worship experiences of recent days. On my own until the early hours of the morning, singing quietly and praying to my Father. It was great and refreshing, and exactly what i needed!

 One of the songs that really blessed me was 'Let me feel You Shine'

 Then there was the desire to really burst forth with uncontained praise

 I kick started the evening with this one - watch the video to the end as the guy reaches a point where he just can't hold back any more


 There were plenty more but it would be overkill to post that many videos at once!