The Moderately Modern N. Ireland Christian

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N. Ireland Church is rather complex. One rising group however is the modern, reformed, often charismatic with a seatbelt - handbrake - foot brake - parachute - and 'key out of the ignition just in case' type Christian.
We want to be reformed and somewhat tight on doctrine but open in approach, response and very active in engaging culture.

Here are some indications you may fall into this crew:

  • Our suit barely leaves the wardrobe and hangs patiently waiting on the next wedding or funeral. Clothing is a non-issue as long as we aren't asked to stop wearing our jeans; then it's an issue!
  • Our old A.V. is gathering dust somewhere (probably in the attic but we're not quite sure) while our ESVSB goes everywhere with you - in a wheelbarrow due to its size!
  • We look at our book shelves and proportionately there are more 'Piper' books than any other author - including Calvin or MacArthur.
  • It's been a few years since we held a hymn book; and our children probably don't know what one is.
  • When we turn our iPod to shuffle there is an 8/10 chance a Piper sermon will come on and we'll have to skip on a few times until you reach some Sovereign Grace music or Christian rap.
  • We reckon the only thing an organ is good for striking up is a bonfire in the church carpark where we could drink some Starbucks (maybe even a sip of Guinness) and perhaps throw a few suits on the fire to keep the fire going.
  • We want freedom to raise our hands in worship - even though we never, ever do.
  • We claim that the motive for our tv & film addiction, choice of music, frequenting of pubs and gigs, sport, gym, memberships etc all boil down to engaging the culture and winning the lost to Christ - though we barely even say hello to people we don't know.

What would you add?

Aaron Browne would add the following great observations:
1. The trend of Going for Coffee/food after the Sunday Evening service to keep fellowship and talk about the sermon.
2. Working on a sunday morning/afternoon but going to church in the evening