How To Understand The Bible

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Writing about the understanding of Scripture, William Tyndale in the prologue to his exposition of 1st John says that someone "cannot but understand the Scripture, if he exercise himself therein, and compare one place to another, and mark the manner of speech, and ask here and there the meaning of a sentence of them that be better exercised."

In my own words i'd break this down to mean:
  • Spend time reading & thinking upon it.
  • Interpret each passage in the light of the whole of Scripture.
  • Look at the context and manner in which it is written.
  • Find Christ centered, well studied mentors to help us.

As though placing a bookend at either side of these things, Tyndale gives us a stark and somewhat shattering statement about our study of Scripture:
"Till thou be taught that lesson, that thine heart feel the sweetness of it, the scripture is locked and shut up from thee"

[Oh Christ, would you drive the meditation of your Word, the learning and advice . . . the Words from this Holy book into our hearts and set it aflame with wonder, excitement, delight & obedience.]


Jonny Pollock said...

Thanks for the challenge!

Boaly said...

In some ways the points about exercising ourselves in Scripture etc are much easier than the challenge of having our hearts affected by it.

I love reading Tyndale on the topic of God's word - always a challenge both personally; to get into it and as one involved in the distribution of it in written form.