Scribbled Thoughts While Reading Tyndale

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While he calls for righteous living and for war against the flesh William Tyndale is consistently careful to remind us that this is not towards our salvation. Here's one example after such a call to righteousness:

"But to God-ward is there no satisfaction, save faith in Christ's blood out of a repentant heart."
again, after a call to righteous living:
"... not to make satisfaction to God for sin that is once past. The sin that is once committed must God forgive freely, of a fatherly love, for Christ's sake."

Sometimes when we're sharing the Gospel or exhorting others toward holy & righteous living it can become a bit messy & moralistic. Tyndale is a great example of being careful not to give an impression that our works contribute to our salvation or our earn merit with God. Rather they are the overflow of a heart that has been deeply captivated by Christ. Yes we must point out, rebuke and convict our hearts & the hearts of others over sin, but we make war with the flesh because Christ's Spirit inhabits us.
We must go deeper than simply telling others (& ourselves) to 'do better'. And it is right to do that! We must also exalt Christ in the heart, kindling a spark which flames into our daily doings.

(Quotes from the Prologue to Tyndale's Exposition of 1st John)