New Year Thoughts

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Happy New Year!

I was thinking about our entrance into 2010 while i was ironing some clothes earlier. Here's a few random thoughts:

Do i want this year to be the same as last?
And in the areas where i have failed or ignored last year what am i going to do to improve?
What measures will i strive for to better attend Church, serve my family, community and the needs of the world?

Another year means i've enjoyed another year of grace, but also means i'm getting closer to the end of my time on Earth.
Sobering i know, morbid . . . perhaps. But it is the plain truth. Our movement into 2010 means that we are all getting closer to our death. God remembers our frame, and that we are but dust, but i don't think we remember it.

Moving into 2010 means that the entire universe is moving towards its consummation.
I'm not thinking about global warming, asteroids hitting the Earth, or of alien invasion. But of the return of Jesus Christ to judge everyone and set up His everlasting Kingdom.
This will be horrific for those who do not trust Him, and paradise for those who do.

Do i want my reading this year to pattern last years?
How can i read the Bible better and implement it in my life more fully?
On reading books, I want to be more definite about my reading, and to read books that will benefit me, my family and those i can serve.

What about blogging?
Where do i want to go with my blog? Do i want to keep it frequent or cut back a bit? How can i serve the few people who read this better, or should i jack the whole thing in?

What about work, and the future?
Concerning work, i'd like to refresh myself in the vision and workings of Revival Movement, and to serve those above me, the supporters and the missionaries etc who receive the literature in better capacity.
And the ever looming thought that i guess haunts everyone; do i still want to be doing what i'm doing in 10years time. If not, what goals will i set and how will i strive forward in the will of God?

What do i want my walk with Christ to be like in 2010?
How can i know Christ more intimately and fully. How can i live in His will, His ways and what does it mean to have Jesus as my life. How can i serve Him better and what 'idols' do i need to demolish in my life so that i can worship Christ more?