A Glimpse of my 2010 Reading List

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This years reading list, so far shapes up to look something like below. I know other books will come along, but these are the ones currently in my possession or on route to my letterbox.

  • Personal reading:
    Counterfeit Gods - Tim Keller
    The Trellis And The Vine - Colin Marshall & Tony Payne
    This Momentary Marriage - John Piper

  • For family devotions (now or future):
    The Big Picture Story Bible - David Helm
    Big Truths For Young Hearts - Bruce Ware

  • For gleaning (perhaps not fully reading):
    The Annuls of the World - James Ussher

  • Continuing my study of God's character, nature & attributes:
    The Bible - God

    In all of this years reading i pray for deep and lasting moves of God's Spirit upon my life.

    Anonymous said...

    Looks like a great list, Gary. I posted a reading list yesterday as well.

    I hope you and yours have a wonderful 2010.

    Boaly said...

    Thanks Brian, yeh, your list looks great. I've read a couple from it and they are fantastic.

    I trust your family, likewise have a great 2010

    grace2much said...

    Gary, George Ferris from L' Derry. Could you email me at geo.ferris@googlemail.com. I have a load of books I'd like to give you. Take care, George