I Think My Wife is a Heroine, & i'm Praying For the Injured

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She got back in the car and cried!

We had happened upon the accident as we made our way home from visiting Barbara's parents. A few crashed cars littered the road and the bus was overturned at the side of the road. As we slowly passed we saw that there were no emergency services yet on site, and that there were quite a few badly injured people.

I'll skip details.

We stopped and Babs ran off to help, leaving me to sit in the car minding Jake who repeatedly told me "mum gone to help the man fell down with red face."

Garda arrived, skidded over the bank and crashed their car before coming to the scene and being swiftly sent back, by my wife, to get their first aid kit.
Fire Brigade and ambulances all arrived in due time, often skidding to a halt on the icy road.

An hour later Barbara got in the car and cried.
I guess it's one thing to treat coronary patients, and quite another to help at a roadside accident.
Her willingness in helping to ease the discomfort of injured and her desire to bring some service to others is one of the reasons i love this woman.

As we drove off i commented that it was like an episode of casualty, and then it got even more like that as we drove past an ambulance that had crashed and toppled on its way to the scene. Thankfully people had stopped on the other side of the road, and Garda arrived on that scene soon enough.

Jake and i had spent much of the hour sitting in the car praying for mummy, who was helping people. For the people involved, and for the emergency services.

Our hearts and prayers continued as we turned the car around and returned to her parents house, and as we drove home later. Our prayers will continue for all those involved in the crash, and for their families.


Jim Swindle said...

I don't follow your blog regularly (maybe I should!), but yes, your wife was a heroine. And so were you, praying for her and for the injured. Thanks also for posting your reading list for 2010. It challenges me...it's so profound and so simple, compared to what some other bloggers list.

Boaly said...

Thanks Jim.
Barbara is a brilliant lady, and this was just one example of how Christ has worked in & through her.

I'm laughing about my reading list! I realized at the beginning of 2009 that i was reading a lot for the sake of reading books, not to grow in faith & knowledge of Jesus. So i cut back with the intent to read more Bible & to be more intentional about other books.