This Is The Only Tract Available . . . For Many In Our World Today

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At Revival Movement Association (Every Home Crusade) we ship Gospels, booklets & tracts to various countries around the world in the languages of those people groups. We're not alone in this task of bringing the Gospel to the nations in the literature of the peoples and praise God that many missions do the same.

Yet with all this effort there are still many languages in the world that have never been translated. This means that there are countless people without the opportunity of reading God's word, either in the Scriptures, or even a single Gospel. Even a bundle of tracts in their language would look like this:

All around me in EHC there are various machines pumping out literature in various languages, and much prayer is needed over this. That the Spirit of Christ would use them to save & sanctify many around the world.

But lets just take a moment now and remember those who's language has not been written down or translated. Pray that someone might go and witness to them. Pray for translators who are busy translating the Bible into various languages & pray that Christ will move mightily to redeem these people.