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After finishing my read through the Bible this year i thought that i'd restart (obviously), but this time jot down aspects of the character of God that are revealed or implied by the text. I'm finding it a useful, challenging, frightening & cross magnifying way of reading the Bible. Definitely something i'd recommend.
I know i'll miss loads; but even a mere scratch of the surface of revelation will undoubtedly aid in seeing God more clearly.
The motive and prayer behind this is rooted in Exodus 29:43 when God said of the sacrifices; that He would sanctify them by His glory, and with Jesus words in John 17:17 when He prayed that God would sanctify us 'by the truth, Your [God's] Word is truth'. May God reveal Himself as glorious through His word & as we see God's glory may He sanctify us!

I may post some more of the books (so far i'm into Judges), but thought that in recommending this i'd give an example.


Creator (Gen1:1), Spirit (Gen1:2), His Word of command has instant results (Gen1:3), *Trinity (Gen 1:26), He made man in His image (Gen1:27), He blesses (Gen1:28), He communicates (Gen1:28), He Sees (Gen1:31), Compassionate to the lonely (Gen2:18), Punishes Sin (Gen3:14-19), Promises deliverance (Gen3:15), Provider of the first clothes (Gen3:21), Knows good & evil (Gen3:22), Regards faithful offerings (Gen4:4), Disregards unfaithful offerings (Gen4:5), Hears the blood of the slain (Gen4:10), Gives curses (Gen4:11-12), Loves those who walk with Him (Gen5:22), Sees the wickedness of men (Gen6:5), Gives grace (Gen6:8), Punishes wickedness (Gen6:13), Provides safety from punishment (Gen6:14-21), Remembers (Gen8:1), Makes covenant from His heart (Gen8:21-22), Encourages human reproduction (Gen9:1), Grants authority (Gen9:2), Comes down (Gen11:7), Confused the languages (Gen11:7-9), Calls, instructs & gives promises (Gen12:1-3), Appears (Gen12:7), Afflicts (Gen12:17), Speaks in visions (Gen15:1), Is A Shield (Gen15:1), He is a Judge (Gen15:14),Almighty (Gen17:1), Can do anything (Gen18:14), Destroyer (Gen19:29), Keeps from sin (Gen20:6), Healer (Gen20:17), Closes & Opens wombs (Gen20:18), A Visitor (Gen21:1), Fulfils Promises (Gen21:1), Makes Nations (Gen21:12-13), Hears Children (Gen21:17), Tests (Gen22:!), Provides the Offering (Gen22:8&13), Answers Prayer (Gen25:21), He is The Lord, The God (Gen28:13), He is a witness (Gen31:50), Causes terror to come upon people (Gen35:5), Kills because of wickedness (Gen38:7&10), Shows steadfast love & favour (Gen39:21), Gives success (Gen39:23), Gives answers & revelations (Gen41:16&25), He is a Shepherd (Gen48:15), and He is a Redeemer (Gen48:16).

*I write it this way because of the rest of the Bible. It is clear here when God says 'Let Us...' that there is more than one being in the Godhead. Already having seen another member of the Godhead; The Spirit, we begin to get a picture of Trinity.


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I like it!
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Good stuff!

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Thanks anonymous,
attribute the good stuff to the mercy of God...

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