Who Would We Have Been?

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Yesterday was Palm Sunday, the day Jesus entered Jerusalem on a colt that had never been ridden. At Church, Roy Gamble brought much out of this but i'd like to highlight one thought in particular. As usual with my notes my thoughts tend to get mixed in so this isn't a word for word thing.

Four main groups of people can be seen at Palm Sunday, the question is ; 'which of these groups would we be in?'

  • Opponents
    These are those who were out & out against Jesus.

  • Indifferent These are those who just didn't care, they could be either going through the motions of religion without truly 'feeling' it or could be those who may not be against it but aren't interested in the slightest bit.

  • Enthusiastic
    These are those who are full of enthusiasm & pour a blast of energy into it. At palm Sunday the crowd was like this, but one week later we see their enthusiasm channeled toward Jesus' death. It's enthusiasm & excitement over a latest trend than over God.

  • Committed
    These are those who are committed followers of Jesus come what may, whether it's a triumphal entry or a bloody death. I guess this is where we'd all like to place ourselves.

    *Roy also pointed out that although the colt had never been ridden, thus never broken in this way, it submitted to Jesus & did not resist Him. This donkey is a great example to us, as we tend to kick against authority & resist placing ourselves under someones rule. However like this donkey we ought to submit without resistance to the call & purpose that Jesus has for us.

    Peter P said...

    I would have been one of the ones who shouted Hosannah and then shouted CRUCIFY HIM 5 days later.

    Sad but probably true.