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Adrian Warnock doesn't like Bebo.
He says at the end of his post on this topic if anyone loves Bebo to feel free to try & change his mind. Well I'm 'NOT' trying to change his mind, personally I prefer Facebook even though I tend to use Bebo more.

Why do I use it more?
Simply because more people I know use Bebo than facebook, so for me it is the best place to contact & keep in touch with friends. (There is no point using a social network site if no one you know uses it, even if it is your own preference). Bebo has helped me to stay in contact with people I have not seen in a few years, and a place where I can chat with those who I still see regularly.

But I do have some complaints
The applications & quizes etc are pretty rubbish, and often annoying, even causing a desire in me to choke those who send them to me by invite. Recently the freedom that strangers seem to have to mail through Bebo has been driving me nutts. And you would think that a site who's name means 'Blog Early Blog Often' would have much better blogging capabilities.

But the use of this site to stay in touch with others, who I do know has definately been beneficial.