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When I first began to learn the folder that is now where I spend my time in Every Home Crusade, Junior who taught me its workings gave me a piece of advice that is perhaps the greatest advice when it comes to running a folder. Pointing at the deliver he said "The more time you spend up here" (where you load the paper on) "The less time you spend down here" (meaning unblocking the paper from where it feeds into the machine).

After many occasions of frustration and a seemingly inability to get the sheets to feed & suck into the machine I caught on to his advice, realizing that the neater & more consistent you are at loading the paper on - the easier it runs through the machine & so your life as a folder is easier.

This came to mind yesterday as I faced some 'sticky' sheets & began flicking, shuffling & blowing them in an attempt to loosen them up & make my life easier. The fact that this works in reverse also came to mind, the less time you spend loading the paper on the more time you spend clearing jam ups etc.But I also began thinking about other areas in which this principal may apply.

Here's some of them:

- The more time we spend on Jesus - The less time we'll give to other functional saviours.
We all have a tendency to uphold things as a functional saviour; something that we think will make our lives great & worth while. We think that if we diet to that weight, get that six pack, have loads of sex, get those boob implants, own that car, have a TV astronauts can watch from the moon or get that ipod then we'll have better, more meaningful lives as these will save us.

Just look at the pictures & headlines on any magazine stand & you'll see many functional saviours. But Jesus is ultimately the only saviour when it comes to eternity!
That diet may get you a slimmer body, making you feel better, those boobs may make you feel sexier & get the guys ogling, that car may even save your life in an accident or that TV may bring relief from boredom etc, but ultimately Jesus is the only true & lasting Saviour, not just for the next life but for now, in this one as He brings us into unity with Himself & the Father.

And so the more time we spend on Him, seeing His glory, His salvation, His might - the less we will desire the uplifting of these other functional saviours as we see Him as far more valuable than anything or anyone else.

- The more time we spend on theology - the less time we'll spend sorting out mistakes or false teachings.
I believe that good theology means not only that we are able to teach sound doctrine, but that it leads to practice of that theology, hence good theology also means living a more Christ-like life.

- The more time we spend loving our wives as Christ loved the Church - the less time we'll spend arguing, apologising or working through marital difficulties.

This is pretty self explanatory, in that as we serve, romance & sacrifice as well as encourage, teach & seek the best for our spouses then difficulties will be overcome more easily as love & oneness is cultivated deeply.

There were a few other things that I thought of, but I don't want to make this post too long. Feel free to comment about things which you would place into this principal of "The more time you spend__________, The less time you'll spend__________".


heartafire said...

What a sound idea.

As a mommy, I would fill in the blank by saying "The more time you spend teaching children the Biblical principles behind obedience, the less time you'll spend trying to get obedience out of them."

I'm sure there's a more elegant or pithy way of saying this. And not saying I always do this. But it's one of those things that I know is true.

Also, it comes back! When I teach my children in this way, they will oftentimes help me when I am struggling by reminding me of something I've told them---and it's true that His Word never returns void.

Boaly said...

Very true, I think as well its good to remember that our children's 'obedience' isn't the main goal, its that they know Christ as saviour.