Moody's Example of Urgency, Social Help & Concern for Souls

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I was thinking about an event in the life of D.L. Moody this morning that is both challenging & of encouragement.

Moody was on a boat taking many injured soldiers down the Tennessee River when he & those with him decided that they would not let a man die on the boat that night without telling them of Christ.
He wrote "You know the cry of a wounded man is 'Water! Water!' As we passed along from one to another giving them water, we tried to tell them of the water of life of which they would drink & never die".

I thought this was quite an example of the urgency of evangelism & of a group of guys who felt the weight of the souls of those around them that they sought to tell each of them about Christ.
They went through the wounded with 'social' & 'practical' help, in that they gave water to them to drink.
Yet as they met this need they also told of Jesus, the one who they needed more than water as they faced death.

There are many people around each of us, who have many needs in areas that we may be able to help and in which we can take opportunity to tell them of Jesus!

While Moody was going through this boat he came upon a young man who was unconscious & whom the Dr said would certainly die. The urgency that Moody felt for souls had him use brandy & water to revive him with the hope of leading him to Christ before he faced Him.
Upon reviving this man Moody asked if he had any message for his mother since he would never see her again, the young man said 'Oh yes, tell my mother that I died trusting Jesus!'

I know that I do not feel this urgency for the souls of those around me, and certainly if one were unconscious & dying the least likely thing I'd do would be to have him brought around with the intent of preaching the Gospel to him.

Evangelism & its urgency is something that I need to pray hard about, repenting of my slothfulness & asking for zealous courage to make Jesus known to those around who need Him (everyone). I need to ask Jesus to stir me toward social needs that I may be able to help with & by which I may take opportunity to Glorify Jesus.

Over to you
What ways would you suggest by which we can help our 'neighbour' And how can we begin to feel the weight of their souls & urgency to reach them with the Gospel?