An Open Letter to Jesus

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Here's an extract from a poem that we could all probably pray from our hearts. I know that as I read it I wondered if it had been written for me.

"There are so many things that I just love to blame
for my recurring failures day after day;
like tiredness, and circumstances; like TV and the world
but deep down they’re just excuses to make me feel OK.
And there’s always some magical date in the future -
of my mind when my life will get right,
but it never arrives – and things just continue
as they’ve always been, night after night.
Recently Lord, I’ve considered the option
that I might not be even be saved,
How could a Christian continue to fall;
could Your child have a mind so depraved?
But I keep coming back from those frightening thoughts
to the verses I learnt in my youth;
believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved,
for I know Lord that Your Word is truth."

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