Newport Primary School

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I think it was 2 years ago I surprisingly ended up in my old primary school. It had been shut down years ago and used to store equipment in the main hall. The rest of the rooms however had fallen to vandalism and disrepair.

I didn't overly enjoy my primary school days, spending most of them being bullied and put down by pupils and teacher(s) alike. So if i'm honest the images I took while back in the building probably ring more true to my experience attending there as a child almost 20 years ago.
Thankfully my experience was mostly verbal, however i know others were locked in cupboards and some even beaten by the then headmistress.

No child should be picked on, certainly not by teachers. No child should have a teacher call them to the front and mock facial features or ridicule them for having a soft nature. So walking around brought back memories. yeh that's how to describe it - memories!

In contrast the building is now owned by the Boys Brigade an organisation I did love at primary school age and met life long friends there. It is great to pass it and see what they have done with the place and that it is being used to build young boys and men up rather than cripple their souls...